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Monday morning

Monday morning

Clock announces the beginning of a new working week. After opening my eyes, the first thoughts that came to my mind were: "This is going to be an exciting day! I am going to continue my work from Friday, since I got interrupted by the Happy hour after-work party, and finally going to finish my surprise for the client". My plan was to give them mind-blowing solution for the problem I thought it would be a nightmare! So I got up, got ready for work and drove myself to work in a new car which I bought few months ago.

As soon as I entered the company, there were people who congratulated me on great presentation and lecture I previously did for my colleagues. The topic of my presentation was connected to WebGL technology, which they found very inspiring and interesting.

We started talking about it and I went to the kitchen to do the most important thing for me - get my morning coffee. Yeah… don't tell anybody, but it's the source of my strength. So I got my cup, sat in my cozy chair and was ready to start a thrilling working day!

This is how my work day looks like, but it wasn't like that few years ago… I didn't think things can be any better, so I took a chance and left the job I hated, where my talent and hard work wasn't appreciated, nor paid. However, when I look back, I realized I had a lot of opportunities, but I ignored them thinking things can get better… I didn't feel the resentment immediately back then, but my family and friends did. My bad mood could be explained by certain situations I found myself in, but it wasn't the case. All overtimes, working weekends, underpayment, no holydays or "free opinion" made me that resentful, bitter man.

But after a few missed opportunities, which I ignored like I did with the most of them, I took the one that changed all!

This morning wouldn't be like this, if I didn't take that major turn in my life and decided to Quit my Crappy Job.

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