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I had to change everything

I had to change everything

One of my colleagues wanted to share her story but she asked me if she can stay anonymouss. This is her story about quitting her crappy job.

People don't often think about happiness at workplace or about satisfaction with a job. Most of the time, you are occupied with your work which consists of your daily tasks. You don't think about whether is it difficult or not, you just do it. Sometimes, you need to stop with what you are doing and think about it. You need to be honest and ask yourself: Does my job make me happy? If not, does it make me unhappy? Why is that?

First of all, you would probably discover consequences and then you should look for causes. When I had asked myself these questions what I realized was me being nervous, depressed, cranky and unhappy. My mood started to have an effect on my whole life, including the one of my family.

The problem was in a job they gave me, because it wasn't in my field of study. I didn't make any progress and wasn't able to learn what I wanted.

One day I said to myself:

"That's it, I have to change something. In fact, I have to change everything!"

That day I quit my job. I didn't have a backup plan nor scheduled interview in other company. I just knew that it was something I had to do. That was 8 months ago.

I found a new job at Vega IT and glad to say that I am very happy here. This is a great working environment which support my ambition to learn new skills and share my knowledge.

Thank you my dear colleague for this text.

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