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Janko Vrbnjak

July 2017: Janko Vrbnjak

Our "Most inspiring act of kindness" for the month of July 2017 is Janko Vrbnjak. Read more

    Take a look at open position and join us!

    We are an open-minded company. We cultivate an environment of intuitive and proactive learning that equips us to anticipate and prepare for the newest technical trends. We welcome challenging and eccentric ideas that provoke our own sense of invention. We expect you to be open-minded as well.

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    Learn more about life at Vega IT

    Co-founders of Vega IT are former students from Faculty of technical science in Novi Sad. They are sitting in the office every day with us and together we solve problems, overcome challenges and make decisions. They are open-minded and support our ideas (Geekstone, Elder, DaFED). Read more here. 

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