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Regardless of whether you're looking for an external front-end development partner, or experienced front-end developers to integrate with your in-house team, we'll provide the right experts for your project. Our team of front-end developers does not only supply technical expertise, but makes sure your project is done the right way. 

Our front-end developers can support you when it comes to implementation of strong visual designs for your websites, implementation of professionally designed user interaction and implementation of professional e-mail templates. 

Looks good. Loads fast. Fits on screen. 

Your website might be positively perfect on your computer screen in your default browser, but what if your user opens it in a different browser or on a different device and things go haywire? 

They might never know how your website was supposed to look like, and that would be majorly disappointing after all the work that had been put into it. That's one of the many reasons why front end development is crucial for web projects.

People use various browsers and devices to fit their individual needs, but this also means each browser and device will have its own quirks (i.e. screen size and orientation, pixel display, supported functions, etc.) and will need to be catered to when it comes to making your website look and work exactly the way it was designed to look and work.


Front-end Development team


Our expertise 

When it comes to front-end development, we are most experienced with:

- HTML5,
- CSS3
- Compass & Sass
- jQuery
- AngularJS and
- KnockoutJS.

We keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of plugins, libraries, frameworks and external tools, so you reap the benefits of the latest technology. If you want a site that catches the eye of your visitor the first time, every time, then you want to work with a front end developer here at Vega IT.

Vega IT has a dedicated department that specialises in Front-end development to ensure your user's experience and productivity interaction are optimal.

Do you need the front-end work to be integrated with a back-end technology/product? Here is a list of all our services:

Umbraco CMS 
- Sitecore
- EPiServer
- Drupal and Magento.

Need more info?

Sladjana Miljanovic

Team lead, Front-end Developer

Sladjana can tell you everything about our Front-end Development services.

+381 (21) 661 65 57

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