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Whether you're looking for an external front-end development partner, or experienced front-end developers to integrate with your in-house team, Vega IT will provide the right experts for your project.

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Front-end development as a service

Regardless of whether you're looking for an external front-end development partner, or experienced front-end developers to integrate with your in-house team, we'll provide the right experts for your project. Our team of front-end developers does not only supply technical expertise but makes sure your project is done the right way and of course, on time. You can expect to get all of the front-end development services you need or want right here! Improve your business easily with only a few little steps.

Implementation of strong visual designs for your websites

Our front-end developers can support you when it comes to HTML and CSS coding of strong visual designs for your websites, JavaScript coding of professionally designed user interaction and HTML and CSS coding professional email templates.

Looks good. Loads fast. Fits on screen. That is exactly how we transform your designs info front-end code!

You may think and it may look like that your website is completely optimized and looks perfect on your computer screen when you use some default browser you prefer, but what if some other user opens it in a different browser or on a different device and things go haywire? Expecting fronted as a service to strike in here is the best solution you can make!

Let's say that the people worldwide would like to see how your website actually should look like, but they cannot because of the reasons mentioned above. What would that bring to you? That would be a huge disappointment after all that time and energy that had been put into it, wouldn't you agree? So, that is definitely one of the biggest reasons why front-end development is crucial, and you must understand it that way. It turns all kinds of projects into masterpieces, and especially when it comes to web projects.

It is completely normal that different people use various browsers and devices based on their individual needs, but this also needs to be connected with a fact how every device or browser will most of the times have its own oddities (for example, you can easily realize that as - screen size and its orientation, pixel display, the functions it supports and the list can go on and on) and will need to be catered to when it comes to making your website look and work exactly the way it was designed to look and work. Don't accept any compromises!

Front-end Development team

Our expertise

When it comes to front-end development, we are most experienced with are CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 when it comes to client-side technologies. Of course, we are also experienced on the same level for server-side ones: Umbraco CMS, C# programming language and the .NET  Framework. We can proudly say how we are on the market for more than 10 years and successfully completed more than 500 projects! We can thank that to our experienced team consisting of 25 highly experienced and well-trained front-end developers.

We like to work on those projects that shows the true passion for work and provides not only success but also kindness. For that purpose, last year we got an idea to completely embrace the spirit of Christmas. Together with our partners from the UK, we have donated £5 to help people fighting different types of cancers, Alzheimer disease and tried our best to create the shelter for all homeless people around the globe.

Keeping up with the ever and most-evolving landscape of plugins in the first place, of course. Besides that, you can expect to get the best when it comes to libraries and frameworks too! What about the external tools? You don't need to worry about those either anymore. Experience all the benefits you can get from the highest technological achievements easily and represent yourself in a way which will make you proud! If you want a site that catches the eye of your visitor the first time, every time, then you want to work with front-end developers here at Vega IT.

Vega IT has a dedicated department that specializes in Front-end development to ensure your user's experience and productivity interaction are optimal.

Do you need the front-end work to be integrated with a back-end technology/product? Here are some of CMS we have experience with:

Let's take the best of the newest technological achievements and standards and implement it together into our reality!

Use Case: 12 days of giving

Technologies: The client-side used the following technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, while the server-side used Umbraco CMS, the .NET Framework and C# programming language.

Solutions: An advent calendar, built on the top of the Umbraco platform, with a selection of best project case studies from the year. The website has been built for humanitarian purposes, but also to present and value the work carried out by the company.

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