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Vega IT continuously produces superior development solutions by forming strategic relationships with companies that produce the world's most advanced technical products.

Vega IT Sourcing - An EPiServer Solution Partner

Modern consumers and web users have become sophisticated through experience. They expect an agile environment, and often judge a company by their online presence.

Vega IT anticipates these demands, providing EPiServer CMS as one of its development tools to enable businesses to keep up with the constantly evolving needs of those who use its website as an information portal, both externally, and internally.

By employing a product as interactive and user friendly as EPiServer CMS, merchandisers and online business owners are able to successfully adapt their strategies to the appeal of a digitally savvy market.

EPiServer CMS - Adapted and designed for today's web\nPower through simplicity.\n \nIf there was a guiding principle behind the design idea of EPiServer CMS, that would be it. It doesn't get too much easier.

The idea is this: A business owner, or any authorized user, can access their website, either locally from the office, or remotely, from anywhere in the world, and edit or maintain the content of their website from the browser without further special applications or software.

Further, EPiServer provides a comprehensive range of the marketing tools and third-party components a business owner or content editor would need to manage their enterprise through a direct interface with the website itself.

With a customizable workspace and accessible dashboard, a user is allowed the kind of flexibility and control they need to keep things simple.

EpiServer development at Vega IT EpiServer development

Empowering Professional Editors

EPiServer's intuitive editing environment enables editors to maintain, update, or change text and images with the most basic maneuvers. They can localize content for certain markets, and personalize features for various different clientele.

The numerous and powerful authoring tools that assist the editor in keeping their online presence engaging and interactive all contribute to a website's ability to fulfill the needs of its users.

Always available, these functions provide the capacity for a business to assert and sustain brand control.

Bank of Cyprus - National Website

Our client needed a website to present their services, offers and new updates to their customers, so we suggested using the EPiServer content management system. The new and easily-managed website reflects a company’s new visual identity. During the development process, together with the client, we decided to implement additional pages and features to the website.

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