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In Vega IT, we look at research and development as a planned yet creative work in the field of technical software development, aimed at acquiring new knowledge and/or developing new (or significantly improved) services.

We know that investing in R&D can be expensive and a long term commitment, and that it is often more profitable to hire experienced R&D team to outsource this kind of challenges. Vega IT can help you with that.

Vega IT R&D team consist of 10 professionals and we provide:

  • Basic research, i.e. activities aimed at acquiring new knowledge or understanding, without specific immediate commercial applications or uses;
  • Applied research, i.e. activities aimed at dealing with a particular challenge or meeting a specific commercial objective; and
  • Development, i.e. systematic use of research and practical experience to produce new or significantly improved goods, services, or processes.

Combining any, or all of the above-mentioned activities, we offer you the below services:

Foster, focus and develop ideas

  • To develop an idea for upgrading an existing product or completely new product development. This process includes everything from brainstorming, understanding industry-specific intricacies, narrowing down areas of opportunity or concern, identifying synergies between existing products for best product/cost optimization, conducting the market survey to assess market readiness and ultimately turning research into a marketable commodity.


  • To turn an idea into tangible information which can ultimately lead to new product development, or refine an existing product, applying a cross-functional process that includes market research, technical research, the design of a concept, prototype creation, final product creation and launch. We offer a range from analytical marketing approaches to a more creative process, depending on your requirements.

New Product Development

  • To change the appearance, materials or marketing of a product without introducing a new invention. It is basically the conversion of a market need or opportunity into a new product or a product upgrade.


  • To exploit a new market opportunity or develop, and subsequently market, a new technical invention.

Prototypes and Trials

To bring theory and practice together, our researchers work closely with the product developers to understand and agree on how an idea can be turned into a practical product, handling prototype complexity, clarifying issues such as mass production, sales tactics, maintenance etc.

A prototype demonstrator of a medical device

Two years ago, we did research and development for our partners.  We wanted to create a prototype demonstrator of a medical device Track & Trace system.

We will try to explain what is it exactly that we have done. Researching, planning ahead, developing and working on new features was just part of this project.

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