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Software development requires not only specialist skills and knowledge but can also take a long time and be expensive. It therefore makes sense to bring in a dedicated development offshore/nearshore outsource team when you want to increase the output of your own development team without having to employ additional expensive programmers to implement your ideas.

Furthermore, by bringing in our outsourcing dedicated team, you use our services as long as you need them, without having to worry about what you'll do with the people when your project ends. We are also the one who will take care of our people's personal development and happiness at work.

We’ve been providing services like this to companies in Western Europe for over 10 years.

dedicated software development team Software development team

Being in Europe we have the advantage that we can meet our Clients in person, resulting in better and stronger relationships. You can read more about the benefits of our geographical location here.

Check our Culture Book to see if there's a cultural match between our companies.

We know that communication is crucial for the success of any outsourced software project, so we strive to make the communication with our clients flawless. We can adapt to any communication procedure or tools that you prefer. We can always have regular face-to-face meetings. And we all speak English, of course.

The quality of our work is something that we really do care about. When we work with you, you can be sure that we will always try to deliver the highest quality possible within your defined project requirements.

So why not involve Vega IT's dedicated development team in your next software development project and see what a difference we can make?

Technologies we mostly use

Java for Android


Solutions: We introduced ElasticSearch into the system, which reduced search execution dramatically (for some search expressions from a couple of minutes to tens of milliseconds).

Results: The new version of Adam Smart Content Hub supports heavier operations executed in the everyday environment, it allows fast execution of very complex search expressions and it’s fully extensible and customizable. Also, the deployment process is in many aspects simplified, therefore allowing for new changes and functionalities to be applied very fast in production.

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