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SourceDevCon 2012

SourceDevCon 2012

When the company needed a JavaScript expert to represent us in London at a conference last spring, we chose Boban Miksin. He was selected for his technical expertise, of course, but also because he's always had a thing for the city.

"My hotel was right in the center, very close to Big Ben," he said, referring to the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster. He had only ever seen it in movies, or on television, and the real thing was bigger than life.

And all right, he was there as a professional, to attend the conference, to network, to tune in on the latest regarding Sencha Touch and PhoneGap, but that didn't stop him from shopping on Oxford Street or taking in a little atmosphere across London's famous pub scene.

"There were even police officers on horseback," he said. "Very authentic."

"Sausage, beans, gravy, and small cakes," was the classic English breakfast provided to power him through three days of this year's SourceDevCon. Hosting 38 of the industry's greatest minds in mobile and desktop web applications, SourceDevCon is in its second year of presentation, having launched its inaugural showcase in Croatia in 2011.

One of the stand-out moments for Boban was when he spoke with a notable architectural engineer regarding some of the extended and less obvious capabilities of Sencha Touch, in particular the issue of hooking users with enough bait material to keep them from surfing through an app before the key data loaded.

Boban told him how Vega had gone about it, and wanted to know if there was a more superior method.

The architect told him no, that he hadn't heard of or devised a better way.

And that's why we sent Boban, because when he stepped up to inform the builder about the great things we'd accomplished with his machine, he represented the values of our company and explained how we get the job done. Innovation. Determination. Solution.

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