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Charity IT Relay Race 2018

Charity IT Relay Race 2018

“Only by giving back to the community are you able to receive more than you have”  Jim Rohn

One more Charity IT Relay Race is behind us, and let me tell you something - it was amazing! After a few weeks of preparation we finally managed to organise another outstanding Race. We are proud to say that this year our success was even bigger. The total of 34 companies, or 83 teams gathered together on a sunny Sunday morning to give their small contribution to the children without parental care. We are, to say the least, delighted and overjoyed because we proved one more time that by joining our forces we can really make a difference.    

A big thanks to RT-RK, Nordeus Belgrade, Sixsentix, Levi9 IT Services, NovaLite doo, Zesium mobile, Schneider Electric DMS NS, Dunav NET, Codecentric, Frobas, Devtech, KEBA, Vivify ideas, Execom, SmartCat, Manpower Group, Infostud, Veriest, Bright Marbles, Simple Task, Elsys Eastern, Devtech, NTT DATA, Fruškać, Typhoon Hill, Themes Kingdom, DOOb Innovation Studio, Devoteam, PMF, Mechanix, Decem, M&I System.

IT_Relay_Race_2018_news_details.jpg Ready, steady, go!

More than 900 people were there that day to race, and 350 of them were from the IT World to run the race.

After picking up their starting numbers and relays, the participants headed towards the starting line where they were eagerly waiting for the Race to start. Everyone was super excited and ready to go. Once the race was over, everyone received the Certificate of appreciation and winners medal as a sign of gratitude for their wholehearted support. Just a few minutes after the race started, the first team reached the finish line:

1st - Devoteam

2nd - Zesium

3rd - Nordeus.

We know it may sound like a cliche, but, at the end of the day, we all won. We managed to collect more than 3000 euro which is what this race was really about at the first place. But, there is more to it - by bringing people together we proved that magic things can happen if we unite.

Once again, thank you all for participating and supporting this event and we promise to do our best next year as well.

Here you can check out all the results of the IT Relay Race! #LifeAtVegaIT

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