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Java for C# Developers

Java for C# Developers

When learning a new programming language, we rely on what we already know and try to map that knowledge and experience, especially when the two programming languages are similar. C# and Java are somewhat similar in many aspects, so being good at one would relatively quickly make you become good at the other one. To ease the learning process, I have written a document that maps C# syntax and some concepts of C# to Java.

Java for C# developers handbook Boban Miksin at Coding Dojo, Vega IT.

The handbook covers most of Java building blocks such as types, language keywords, serialization, etc. You can download it here.

Here at Vega IT we grab every opportunity to share and receive knowledge daily because we believe that nurturing a knowledge-sharing culture brings much value not only to the professional and personal development of our colleagues but to the business itself. We do that by organising a number of educational events and workshops frequently and participating in numerous in-house and external conferences. This is why I’ve decided to contribute and create this handbook that will provide you with invaluable insights and help you level up.

Feel free to suggest any additional topics that should be included in the handbook.

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