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21-Day Challenge 2020: Creating New Habits

21-Day Challenge 2020: Creating New Habits

Are you ready to start creating new habits?

We are declaring February the month of change and inviting you to join our 21 - Day Challenge. During this month we are shaking bad habits and working on creating new ones that will help us become a better version of ourselves. :)

21 day challenge smiling girl working out in the gym Are you ready to start creating new habits?

What Is the 21-Day Challenge?

Adopting a new habit and sticking to it is challenging. That is why a couple of years ago we wanted to find a new and exciting approach to breaking the cycle of old habits. Something that will give us positive results while having fun along the way. And, the 21-Day Challenge was the answer!

How Does It Work?

This challenge is quite simple.

The first step is to think of something you want to change. Got it? Great!

After you have a goal in mind, it’s time to divide it up into smaller steps. In this case, it’s 21 days of hard work and determination. But make sure you record your progress and monitor it closely during the entire process. Remember that having a couple of milestones during the process is a great motivational booster so be sure to incorporate in this challenge.

And the most important thing: Don’t forget to have fun! :)

21 day challenge result table preview Divide your goal into smaller steps

February - The Month of Change

During this month of positive changes, we are trying to encourage our colleagues to take on this challenge and improve one or more things in their personal or professional lives.

We love the saying: One for all and all for one! :) So, staying united during this challenge is definitely a recipe for success.

Check out some of the goals our colleagues have set for this year:

  • Spending more time in the gym
  • Stop eating sweets
  • Losing weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Meal prepping
  • etc.

Fulfilling these goals is anything but easy, but we are determined to achieve them! By accepting this challenge we are trying to shake bad habits and create new ones.

two software developers analysing the code during 21 day challenge Shake bad habits and start creating new ones! :)

Break the Cycle Of Old Habits!

There is no better time to become a better version of yourself than the present!

If you are ready to break the cycle of old habits and adopt new ones, join us in our 21- Day Challenge and let us know your results!

Stay tuned and find out the results of our challenges. :)

Ready, set, go!

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