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PHP Serbia Conference: 3 most powerful lectures

Recently our colleagues attended PHP Serbia Conference where they had an opportunity to listen to some of the most amazing speakers in the world of PHP. One of our colleague attendees, Marko Dragnić said: “PHP Conference is one more brilliantly organized conference with more than 30 speakers who gave amazing performance and shared some valuable insights we will definitely make use of in our future professional development”. We had a chat with the colleagues who attended the Conference to find out their views. Here are 3 most powerful lectures in the words of our colleagues. Read More


#Tarabica IT Conference 2018: valuable points

Another #Tarabica IT Conference is behind us. Another fantastic opportunity to meet ambitious and talented software developers from across the country and gain relevant insights into the real craftsmanship of software development. Like the previous four years, we can honestly say that it has one more time lived up to our expectations. Read More


How yoga helps us find our inner peace

Here in Vega IT, we believe that in order to maintain productivity and reach our full potential we need to learn how to bring peace to our mind and live a healthy lifestyle. Besides attending crossfit trainings, consuming fresh fruit on a daily basis and going to the gym as often as possible one way we do that is through practicing yoga. Read More