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7. Internship at "Vega IT Sourcing"

The traditional approach to internships of students - future workers implies the introduction to work obligations. We are aware of the fact how experience is important on both sides, to us as employers, in order to grasp the competence for student work, and to students, so that they would be allowed to gain practical working experience through practical work on projects similar to those we work on for our clients.

As opposed to this traditional approach, internship in our company means that students (and other interested parties) are provided opportunity to work on projects in a similar way, as if working on projects we carry out for our clients. The reason for this is twofold: (1) this allows them to find out how and what we actually do and (2) to offer them to start working with us if they meet certain conditions. In accordance to the above, we choose mentors among our colleagues. Their task is to guide the interns through our core values, and check their work competences at the same time. Therefore, mentorship and internship in our organization are considered as parts of the "Assessment" center, i.e. parts of personnel selection process.

Due to the above, a mentor is selected based on experience, approach to working with others, work assessment skills and, of course, his/her desire to participate in this process. Each of us has the opportunity to become a mentor. If you are interested, contact Sasa in person or via e-mail in order to arrange a talk about it.

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