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5. Marketing and we

Our company does not believe in marketing in its classical sense, in which the audience is presented with distorted reality, often with a lot of falsehoods and the use of large financial resources.

In our company there is no "sales" role, i.e. we do not have people who contact potential clients trying to sell them our services, as is the case in most companies in our industry.

Instead, we have opted for an approach in which we invest our money in business development, new technologies and a happier work environment. Our marketing activities are reduced to presenting what we do, and our excellent results sell our services. The largest number of our jobs (and new clients) was obtained on the basis of recommendations from our satisfied clients.

We use the same approach in marketing towards potential employees. We rather use our money to increase wages and improve working conditions than for commercials and services of employment agencies. You might wonder - how do we get new employees? We reach them in the way that every one of us, from the Vega IT company, works on marketing our company. We choose to help in promoting our company and our brand, in order to save money for things that are of larger significance to us.

In what way can we help in promoting our company and our brand? This can be done by creating a LinkedIn profile and keep it up to date, support our brand on LinkedIn by using profile photos provided by our company (photos with an orange horizontal line at the bottom). You can also engage in writing articles for the blog on our website and recommend our company to your acquaintances whenever there are open positions in it; acting responsibly on the Internet, even when you write in your own name and on your personal profiles. The latter is important because people who know where you work gain impressions on many things including our company, based on behavior on the Internet, especially when it comes to activities that have nothing to do with our work (e.g. racist comments, propagating extreme political views, publishing inappropriate photos and the like). Finally, the company does not prohibit you to write anything on your private profile, but you should be aware of your actions that (positively or adversely) affect the image of our company and yourself.

By working on the promotion of our company and its brand, we also work on the promotion and creation of our own brand. This is especially expressed through writing articles for the blog, but also publishing professional messages on social networks.

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