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2. A welcome note from one of the founders

Back in 2008, when we established the company, we had two people in our office. In the following few years, that number increased but we were still a small organization; we knew each other well, shared a small space and created and maintained our organizational culture without strain.

Over the coming years, we kept growing and started thinking about how to maintain the culture that we had at the time. We contemplated about how we could remember what is important and how to transfer that to new colleagues that joined us every month.

Some of the solutions that we reached are included in the organizational culture book that is before you. It encompasses the founders' vision, our values and mission, but also explains how we approach certain challenges that we encounter during work. It also provides some practical advice and guidance for easier and better quality of life and work in our company.

Our culture is related to what we believe in and what we do. The manner of communication with our colleagues and clients, how we relate to projects we work on and the way we take care of colleagues and the community we live in consist one part of our culture. Another part of our culture is the fact that we work as a team and that we are always willing to help each other. Yet another part of our culture is that we enjoy working, socialize outside of work, travel together, have fun at parties and hang out with families. An important part of our culture is also work on personal development as well as the development of our company.

Our culture is also a part of our brand, because what we believe in and what we do affects the way we are seen by people outside of our organization.

We want this book to follow the development of our company, and we plan to supplement it from time to time. Although this book contains various guidelines, rules and approaches we have used so far, this should not restrict or stereotype you, because your ideas, talents and energy are the things that will help us maintain our status of a successful company with happy people in the forthcoming years.

We hope that you will enjoy reading, that you will find useful information and that we will receive your feedback about this book.

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