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1. For whom is this book intended

Dear colleagues and newcomers,

As you read the first lines of this book, we would like to ask for your patience since you will come across information you are already familiar with, but we would nevertheless be grateful if you read it to the very end.

Before you is a book that will help you become acquainted with Vega IT in an innovative and unique manner. Our "Culture book" will allow you to get to know us quickly yet thoroughly enough, because we grasp the importance of a full understanding of the organization in which you are about to start working, in order to make the period of adjustment as pleasant as possible to you.


Dear visitors,

If you find yourself curious enough to peek inside our company, our culture book can reveal the things we stand for. This book is an insight into our vision, mission and our values.

We are transparent in terms of how we relate to projects we work on and the way we take care of colleagues and the community we live in.

Feel free to contact us for any kind of questions that arise during your read to which you could not find the answers in this text.

Need more info?

Sasa Popovic

Co-founder and CEO

Sasa can tell you everything about our Company's Culture.

+381 (0)21 661 65 57

Thank you!

Your message has been submitted. Sasa will get back to you soon.

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Feel free to contact us:

Please use this page to contact us if you have questions about our company culture, services, to pitch a project, to inquire about employment, or to make a general comment.

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