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College practice or small internship is a very important aspect of every learning process. Students are given the opportunity to actually engage and participate in real life projects which eventually allows them to gain experience which normally they would not be able to gain in college.

At Vega IT we can provide an internship for mobile developers with good theoretical knowledge on a particular subject and some practical experience as well.

The following list shows what would be great to know and understand before applying for internship as a mobile developer at Vega IT:

  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming. Fundamental concepts such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.
  • For iOS applicants: Familiarity with the important Cocoa frameworks (UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics).
  • For Android applicants: Proficient understanding of the Android framework.
    Experience with source control systems such as Git.
  • English language, writing and speaking.
  • Open-mindedness and soft skills are a big plus.

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