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College practice or small internship is a very important aspect of every learning process. Students are given the opportunity to actually engage and participate in real life projects which eventually allows them to gain experience which normally they would not be able to gain in college.

The internship at Vega IT lasts three weeks during which time candidates work on small projects by themselves while a mentor is there to assist for a short amount of time during the day - around 15 minute per day -  just to provide the intern with the best practical advices. The reason why we require a certain level of knowledge before the internship begins is because we expect you, the candidate, to begin programing and solving real problems already on your first day in our company. It is really important to distinguish the internship from a training course, since we do not provide one. Throughout the 3 weeks spent interning with us you will gain knowledge that can certainly increase your chances of finding a job afterwards.  

The following list shows what would be great to know and understand before applying for internship as a front-end developer at Vega IT:

  • HTML5
  • HTML5 markup language
  • how you can use the elements to enrich the semantic content of documents
  • what a valid HTML page is and you have to know how you can validate your pages
  • experience with CSS preprocessors (mainly SCSS)
  • cascading and selector specificity so you can write an effective code
  • CSS box model
  • JS/jQuery
  • the basics of jQuery framework and JavaScript programming language
  • Other
  • responsive/adaptive page optimization
  • cross-browser optimization - the basics about the cross-browser optimizations/support
  • experienced with Photoshop

The following is a list of additions that would provide you with a better chance of being accepted for internship at Vega IT:

  • JavaScript Frameworks (jQuery, AngularJS, KnockoutJS)
  • Making performance a priority
  • Accessibility
  • Conditionally loading JavaScript
  • Image optimization
  • Progressive enhancement - approach to web development that aims to deliver the best possible experience to the widest possible audience
  • Experience with CMS platforms
  • be able to work with version control systems such as Git and Subversion

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