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Quite often we see two types of companies: those that are run as sports teams and those that are run as families. Vega IT is somewhere in between - closer to being a family, but still not entirely as a family.  For instance, when a person is not behaving according to our values, we’ll try to help that person change her behaviour but will eventually decide to let that person go if our efforts fail and if other people are suffering from that.

Because of that we expect People Operations team in our company to understand our values, to understand this way of thinking and to do their best to help people succeed in being the best at their work.

Also, our vision is a happy and a successful business which has power to change the world to become a better place. Because of that, it’s important for us that our colleagues, who work with people, take both happiness and success into account during their everyday activities. They have to be both smart and emotionally literate. They have to understand our business and think about sustainable solutions.

Our new team member is expected to have formal education in psychology, and preferably was part of a people operations team (or a more traditional HR team).

The team members of People Operations at Vega IT participate in:

  • creating and distributing documents;
  • administrative tasks;
  • scheduling job interviews and assisting in the interview process;
  • administering preliminary psychometric tests for job applicants;
  • preparing new employee files;
  • employee onboarding;
  • organization of team building gatherings.

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Maja Nedučić

Chief People Officer
+381 (0)21 661 65 57

Everything about Maja's CV screams Industrial Psychology, and she's riding the new wave of personnel administration as Vega IT's Human Value Manager.

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