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We are an open-minded company. We cultivate an environment of intuitive and proactive learning that equips us to anticipate and prepare for the newest technical trends. We welcome challenging and eccentric ideas that provoke our own sense of invention. We expect you to be open-minded as well.

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If the position you are aiming for isn't open at the moment we'll gladly take a look at your application and contact you when we have a job for you. Send us your CV!

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We also offer temporary or flexible contracts. Just let us know why we need you!

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Ask our People Operations team

What makes us different from other companies?

Rewarding colleagues in line with their contribution to the success of the company in general

What to expect?

  • All applicants will be reviewed and will receive a message from us.
  • An interview with someone from the People Operations team
  • Technical interview for suitable candidates
  • Discussing terms of employment with shortlisted candidates

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How to write a successful CV

Did you know that over 53% of recruiters read a CV under 30 seconds? And that just about 27% of them read it within a single minute? Then you must know how important it is to write a good resume! Read more

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Please use this page to contact us regarding your need for our services or to pitch a project. If you prefer sending an email, feel free to contact us directly by using our email address

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Maja Nedučić
Chief People Officer

Everything about Maja's CV screams Industrial Psychology, and she's riding the new wave of personnel administration as Vega IT's Chief People Officer.

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